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STEP Motion Control Solution for Plastic Drop Molding Machinery

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STEP plastic drop molding solutions introducing:

Plastic drop molding technology is the use of thermoplastic polymer materials with state variable characteristics, that is, under certain conditions with viscosity, and at the room temperature can be restored to solid characteristics, and use the appropriate methods and special tools to inkjet, in the state of viscous flow form, according to the requirements of the shape of the design, and then curing molding at room temperature.

STEP Motion Control Division depends on the numerical control processing technology, the manual dispensing link in the plastic drop process is replaced by the automatic dispensing machine, which greatly improves the efficiency of production.

Pic 1 Plastic drop molding machine

Pic 1 Plastic drop molding machine

As shown in the picture, the drop molding machine adopts gantry design, which is mainly composed of the bed, operation and control system, X/Y/Z three-axis movement system (servo system drives ball screw transmission), feeding module and dispensing module.

The operation and control system mainly provides the functions such as G code map processing, motion trajectory planning, dispensing valve dripping process control, HMI handheld touch and button control graphics processing flow and other functions.

The AC servo system of the X/Y/Z three-axis motion system receives the instruction information from the control system, and after power amplification and shaping processing, it is converted into the linear displacement movement of the execution parts of the drop molding machine. Its performance will directly affect the precision and speed of the drop molding machine  

Technical indicators, requiring good rapid response performance, accurate and sensitive tracking controller issued by the digital instruction signal, and can faithfully execute the instructions from the upper controller, improve the dynamic following characteristics and static tracking accuracy of the system.

Plastic drop molding machine depends on X/Y/Z three axis movement system to PVC paste dispensing needle to the specified position of the drop mold, and by controlling the time of extrusion paste resin and the speed of needle movement to control the amount of dispensing.  In order to achieve a certain dispensing effect.  The relevant operation process is as follows:

Pic 2 Drop molding machine starting process

Pic 2 Drop molding machine starting process

STEP Plastic drop molding machine system solution is mainly composed of motion controller, servo driver, servo motor, HMI, extended IO, etc.


The system topology is as follows:

Pic 3 The topology of drop molding machine system solution from STEP

The control core of this program is composed of AMC1600 motion controller and Sigriner Ω6s-APR series pulse AC servo system. This program supports G-code trajectory map processing, 18-way dispensing valve dripping process, and 36 processes with external button control to quickly switch processing.


The system configuration list is shown as below:

STEP's solution on Plastic Machine    Application advantage



More dispense valve control, support up to 18-way dispense valve, complete multi-recipe function, and support up to 36 sets of product processing.



Add controller to set parameters, upload or download files to networked equipment online, and support the controller to collect equipment operating data.

Pic 4 Debug interface

Pic 4 Debug interface


Support hand-held touch screen adjustment and all key operation, processing G code and parameters support U disk import and export. Can provide he maximum convenience of the operator debugging.

Pic 5 The HMI Control interface

Pic 5 The HMI Control interface


Larger parsing cache support, a single processing file up to 30,000 lines of G code instructions


CNC powerful acceleration and speed curve planning, ensure the equipment high-speed and stable operation, compared with the traditional model efficiency increased by 8%~10%

Pic 6 CNC Velocity planning

Pic 6  CNC Velocity planning


Sigriner during long-term testing and summary, a set of servo system parameters matching the plastic molding process is customized. The newly developed debugging free automatic setting function of Ω6S-ARR series servo can save 90% of the equipment debugging time. The processing results are shown in the following figure to meet the customer's ideal demand.

Processing process and finished products

Scheme   &   Conclusion

STEP Motion Control Division Ω6 series AC servo system and AMC1600C motion controller products are one series of products developed by STEP Central Research Institute and Sigriner team with great effort. The products are widely used in general industrial control occasions. In addition to the application effect of the drop mold solution shared this time has been recognized by customers. Also in the industrial robot, engraving machine, laser cutting, packaging and other fields have been good application effect and consistent user praise


It can successfully help users to solve many problems with complex solutions and high maintenance costs, which reflects the high performance and reliability of STEP products. It is the value of STEP adhering to innovation driven and high-quality development. STEP Motion Control Division integrates related interface equipment with motion control as the core, and provides overall automation control solutions to meet customers' needs of improving quality, expanding production capacity and reducing cost in all segments of the industry


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