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Mv Vfd


STEP, a Chinese famous brand of MV VFD manufacture, has more than 25 years experience in this VFD field, provide the high quality products for different applications. With the advanced technology and strong R&D team, STEP have a very good reputation in the automation industry.

STEP VFD ‘s high efficiency, energy saving, fast response, high reliability help customers realized their value in the automation of the variety of industries.

Features and Advantages

1.Flexible terminal expansion without the need of PLC

The flexible terminal configuration and expansion and the digial/agalog input/output terminal functions may be flexibly expanded as required by the user without the need of PLC programming. Only corresponding parameter functions shall be set.

2.Vector control

Calculate the motor speed and achieve the AC motor decoupling control accordin to the motor speed detected by the encoder and combines with the software vector control algorithm. The control performance may be comparable with DC speed regulation system.

Support constant power operation and support operation above base frequency (fluxweakening function).

3.High quality drive of motor

Multi-level PWM control mode and sinusoidal current output.

Common mode voltage and du/dt, no special requirement for motor and cable, frequency conversion renovation of old equipment without the need for motor replacement.

4.Low harmonic content 

No additional output filtering device is required and the motor may not be subject to derating use to harmonics.

Hamonic content <5%.

No pulsating torque caused by harmonics. Prolong the service life of the motor and mechnical equipment, reduce maintenance and save the maintenance cost.

5.Speed tracking start

Speed tracking start is also called "Fly a car start". The VFD first sweeps frequency down form the maximum frequency. When tracking the frequency matching the motor speed, the VFD quickly rises to the voltage-frequency curve by unique phase detection technology and achieves direct start on the basis of current motor speed.

6.Mechnical unit bypass

Mechnical unit bypass: automatically bypass the fault unit in case of the unit fault in the high voltage VFD operation process to gurantee continuous operation of the equipment.

The maxmum bypass unit number is 2 in each phase.

Independent deisn of the unit bypass control system to guarantee reliable equipment operation.

Production process

Most advanced technology and world famous brand automatically production line’s ensures every VFD produced with high quality. Strict testing procedures and high-precision testing equipment make every product have excellent performance. 


Production Series

ME800 3KV Series

ME800 3KV Series

ME800 6KV Series

ME800 6KV Series

ME800 10KV Series

ME800 10KV Series


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Steel & Mining

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