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ME800 MV Industrial Drive

Power range:
- 3kV, 3.3kV: 250kW-2500kW
- 6kV, 6.6kV: 280kW-8000kW
- 10kV, 11kV: 280kW-12500kW
Integrating power electronic technology and vector control technology, perfect harmonic free high voltage source type high voltage drives
Through the phase-shifting rectifier transformer, the input harmonic current at the grid side is greatly suppressed
Voltage superposition is realized by cascading multilevel H-bridge power units, has excellent high-voltage sine wave output and can directly drive high-voltage motor without any filter,The harmonic index meets the requirements of IEC STD 519-1992 (International Electrotechnical Commission) and GB / T 12668.4-2006 (national standard) for grid harmonics

· Multi-level PWM control mode, providing sine wave current output. Low common mode voltage and du/dt, no special requirement for the motor and cable. When upgrading the equipment, it is not necessary to replace the motor.

· Multi-pulse rectifier can effectively suppress higher harmonics and harmonic ratio is far less than the national standard (THD <5%).

ME800 MV Industrial Drive

· Various motor control technologies: drive asynchronous motor and synchronous motor (permanent magnet synchronous and other excitation synchronous)

ME800 MV Industrial Drive

· System components: main control chip of drives integrates the most advanced and mature ARM core processor; the control of each power unit is realized by a large FPGA programming chip; the main control board can directly communicate with the IO board to realize the functions of DI/DO and AI/AO, with fast port response, without PLC.




Input line voltage

3/6/10kV (-10% ~ + 10%)

Rated input frequency

50Hz (-2% ~ + 2%)

Input power factor

0.95 can be achieved when the load more than 20%

Power Control

Three-phase four-wire 380V, 5-50kVA (in accordance with the capacity of the drives)


Output line voltage

0 ~ 3.0 / 6.0 / 10.0 kV

Output frequency drift

± 0.5%

Output frequency resolution


Control parameter

Speed range

0.5 ~ 120 Hz (motor-related)


120%, 60s (design according to user requirements)

Control method

V/F control / vector control

Control precision

± 0.5% of the maximum number of frequency

Load torque characteristics

Square torque load, constant torque load

Acceleration and deceleration time

0 ~ 3200 s (and the load characteristic)

Signal input and output

4 analog inputs and outputs, 16 digital inputs, 8 digital outputs.

Main function of protection

Overvoltage, undervoltage, overcurrent, short circuit, overheating, the power unit failure.


Standard: Modbus; Optional: Profibus-DP, etc.


User interface

Touch screen


Insulation class



Protection class


Cooling method

Forced air cooling


Front, back

Environmental conditions

Operating temperature

0 ~ + 40 ℃

Storage and transport temperature

-20 ℃ ~ + 70 ℃


<95%, non-condensing


0.9g or less

Use environment

Non-corrosive, explosive gases, dust chamber, altitude less than 1000 meters

· Power industry: primary fan, forced draft fan, induced draft fan, booster fan, circulating water pump, condensate pump, feed pump, mortar pump, etc

· Steel industry: converter dedusting fan, water pump

· Chemical industry: primary fan, secondary fan, induced draft fan, coal grinding circulating fan, water pump, etc

· Cement industry: high temperature fan, circulation fan, kiln head induced draft fan, kiln tail exhaust fan, ball mill, etc

· Rubber industry: mixer, extruder, kneader

· Sugar industry: Press, drive belt, etc

· Others: oil injection pump, paper beating pump, compressor, etc



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