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Low voltage VFD


STEP, a Chinese famous brand of VFD manufacture, has more than 25 years experience in this VFD field, provide the high quality products for different applications. With the advanced technology and strong R&D team, STEP have a very good reputation in the automation industry.

STEP VFD ‘s high efficiency, energy saving, fast response, high reliability help customers realized their value in the automation of the variety of industries. 

Features and Advantages

1.High –efficient & energy saving operation

STEP low voltage variable frequency drive with High –efficient & energy saving operation and new PWM dead zone compensation technology, motor consumption can be effietivly reduced, achieving maximum power saving rate. 

2.Fast dynamic response

STEP VFD advanced motor mode control can also quickly response to load change without PG card.

3.Smooth tracking start

At any time, mooth start can be perfectly achieved without impacting the rotating motor.

4.Powerful grid adaptability

Automatic voltage adjustment function: when the grid voltage changes, the output voltage can be automatically kept constant. In the case of sussden loss of electricty, unqie non-blockour function can keep VFD running.

5.Stable operation with low frequency and high torque.

Dynamic calcultion of IGBT internal temperature ensures that the IGBT module operates with the temperture limits, improving reliablity of the module.

6.Positive-reverse switch

When positive-reserve motor switch to the zero-speed, the phase of current has no change or oscillation, and speed has no ripple.

7. Rapid acceleration

0.1s full load acclleration with fast torque response and low speed overshoot.

8.IGBT temperature protection curve

Dynamic calculation of IGBT internal temperature ensures that the IGBT module operates within the temperature limites, improving railiability of the module.

9.Reliable design for heat disspipation

The temperature distribution and wind direction of VFD have strict simulation calculation, improving enviromental adaptability.

AS180 vector /VF general use VFD

AS180 vector /VF general use VFD

AS180 series low voltage VFD is an universal VFD designed for the market, the product adopted with Germany technology, made in china, and combined with the characteristics of different applications, further strengthening the product reliability.

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AS450 vector low voltage VFD

AS450 vector low voltage VFD

AS450 series low voltage VFD is an unverisal vector VFD. The product adoped with typical V/F control tehcnology, sero-speed torque sensor control techology, cloosed vector control and torque control technolog. It is perfectly for a variety of heavy duty application requirements. 

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AS500 high performance verctor VFD

AS500 high performance verctor VFD

AS500 series VFD are widely used in heavy industry and engineering machinery load, suitable asynchronous motor and synchronous motor.

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AS510 AFE rectified feedback unit

AS510 AFE rectified feedback unit

AS510 AFE products, with the use of advanced controllable rectification technique and coupled with LCL filter, achieves the active rectification and provides constant DC power and energy feedback for the system.

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AS600 crane VFD

AS600 crane VFD

AS600 special VFD for crane is designed for the industrial cranes, such as quayside container bridge crane, container gantry crane, portal crane and beam crane.

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Production process

Most advanced technology and world famous brand automatically production line’s ensures every VFD produced with high quality.

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