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Industrial Robot

STEP Robotics provides four types of products : mechanical systems, control system, control software, and peripheral equipment.


Shanghai STEP Robotics Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise with independent intellectual property rights and core technologies. It is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Shanghai STEP Electric Corporation (stock code: 002527).Independent research and development of controllers, drivers, mechanical bodies, and software platforms, focusing on motion control and industrial automation business. 

STEP robots are fully experienced in welding, cutting, sorting, assembly, loading and unloading, polishing, handling, palletizing and other processes. STEP has promoted a demonstration role in 3C, home appliances, auto parts, food and beverage, metal processing and other industries, and has become a benchmark for domestic high-quality robot brands.

Product Overview

STEP Robotics provides four types of products : mechanical systems, control system, control software, and peripheral equipment.

1、Mechanical system

● Four/six-axis robot body 

● SD/SR/SA/SP series

2、Control System

Control cabinet, controller, communication module, teach pendant and other control platforms and boards

3、Software system

● Robot motion control software 

● Robot application function package

4、Peripheral equipment 

● Welding system

● Analog teach pendant
● Additional axis system
● Bending additional system

SR Series(General type)

SR Series(General type)

SD Series(Desk type)

SD Series(Desk type)

SA Series(Welding)

SA Series(Welding)

SP Series(Palletizing type)

SP Series(Palletizing type)

Control Cabinet

SRC 2.7

SRC 2.7

SRC 2.7S

SRC 2.7S

SRC 2.7C

SRC 2.7C

Software Services

Software services include:

Real-time system (trajectory planning, real-time communication)

Non real-time system (operational response, program resolution)

HMI interface

Function package

Special software services include:

Drag teach


High speed palletizing

The domestic leading level of trajectory planning algorithm (robot speed, efficiency)

Robot Application Industry

3C Industry

Elevator Industry

Automobile Industry

Photovoltaic Industry

Appliance Industry

Robot Application





Loading and Unloading

Automotive Industry Integration

Car Frame Welding System


Welding System

Car Frame Transportation System

Peripheral Products

Industry Influence

Member of the National Robot Standardization General Unit

Vice Chairman Unit of China Robot Industry Alliance

Vice Chairman Unit of Shanghai Robot Industry Association

Council unit of Shanghai Intelligent Manufacturing Industry Technology Innovation Strategic Alliance

Projects Undertaken

① Domestic substitution project of high-performance servo driver for industrial robots — National Development and Reform Commission(NDRC)

② Development and application of robot in food aseptic carton packaging production line — National Science and Technology Support Program

③ Industrial robot drive control integrated system, cloud fusion and virtual reality of welding robot, multi-robot cooperative intelligent welding, The first breakthrough of the intelligent production line of the six-model welding platform — Science and Technology Commission, Economy and Information Commission of Shanghai 


● STEP ROBOT、ADTECH:6/4 axis industrial robot,SCARA robot

● XIAOAO COMPANY:Solution and implementation of intelligent production line

● MARKET POISTIONING:Supplier of intelligent industrial equipment system and solution

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