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SCARA Labeling machine
assembly line
SCARA AR4215 Lithium battery
pole plate visual positioning...
SCARA AR4215 Medicine
packaging B
SCARA AR4215 Watch lens
loading and unloading
SCARA AR6520 Full load
cycle time test
SCARA AR6520 Medicine
packaging A
SCARA AR6520 Mobile phone
front cover assembly
SCARA AR6520 Stick DOME for
mobile phone motherboard
SCARA AR6520 Vision plug-in
FPC cable installation ...
SCARA Dual vision+Dynamic
follow Dispensing+Dynamic...
SCARA dual-machine
collaborative dynamic capture
SCARA Electronic cigarette
electrode plug
SCARA Injection products
loading and unloading
SCARA Labeling machine
assembly line
SCARA Laptop assembly

SCARA Loading and unloading
of auto parts
SCARA Mobile phone
FPC circuit assembly
SCARA Mobile phone package

SCARA Mold loading and
SCARA Multiple templates
pick & place
SCARA Robot & AVS Vision System
for LCD Panel Pick & Place
SCARA robot 600P barcode
scanning (Skyworth)
SCARA robot dispensing
SCARA Robot Dynamic
Grab Display
SCARA Screw machine

SCARA SD500 Material Sorting

SCARA Touchpad pick & place

SCARA Visual identification

SCARA Watch Automation
Assembly Line
SCARA Glass handling

SCARA Material pick & place

SCARA PCB plug-in
pick & place
SCARA Screw tightening


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