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AS700 High Power Multi Drives

Power range: 400V, 250-2800kW; 690V, 315-3000kW
AS700 High Power Multi Drives is designed and developed for industrial applications of DC multi-drive inverter, mainly used in lifting industry, such as large gantry crane, quayside bridge, bulk crane. Also used in paper, metallurgy, mining, cement, energy, petrochemical and natural gas industries. The product adopts advanced vector control technology and torque control technology, combined with the crane industry application characteristics, strengthened the reliability of the product and the adaptability of the environment as well as the customer design, can better meet the needs of a variety of transmission applications.

· Multi-drive, big power

· Work for both two quadrant and four quadrant operation

· Used for large lifting, steel rolling and mining belt equipment

Can offer two modes including SCR rectifier and AFE active rectifier according to the user demand.

AS700 High Power Multi Drive


· A bidirectional (returnable) rectifier in a common dc bus system;

· Composed of power unit +LCL filter;

· AFE need additional pre-charge circuit;

· AFE can be parallel to each other, and no special connector is required;

· Suitable for applications requiring low harmonic and energy feedback


· Unidirectional (electrically directed) rectifying device in a common dc bus system;

· The input side is equipped with a special reactor and the support units are in parallel;

· SCR rectifier units do not require an external charging circuit;

· The SCR rectifier unit can charge the dc bus, which is suitable for the occasions where there is no higher requirement for harmonic quantity and no energy feedback

Inverter drive power unit

· Two-way dc power supply inverter, used for motor power supply and drive;

· Modular design more convenient, diversified installation;

· Adopt super long life cooling fan and capacitor design;

· Thickened coated circuit board design;

· Drive control optical fiber communication, improve the anti-interference ability of the system;

· Multiple cell parallel connections are supported.

Reduce current harmonics

AS700 High Power Multi Drive

Stationary dc bus

AS700 High Power Multi Drive

Reduce reactive power

AS700 High Power Multi Drive

Flow sharing control technique

By flow sharing control, there is no need for strict matching of hardware between multiple units, only an algorithm is added on the control to make the flow sharing between units, and the effect is excellent.

Rectifier module

Power Input

Voltage and power range

3 phaseU4N: 380~500VAC [-10%...+10%]
3 phase U6N: 520~690VAC [-10%...+10%]

Input frequency


Control Feature

Control mode

Vector control

THDi(under rated current)

<4%(Harmonic meet IEEEE519 requirements )

Power factor

Over 0.95(under rated current)

Overload ability

150% 1min

Carrier frequency


Efficiency(under rated current)


Inverter module

Power Input

Input Voltage

U4N:DC  power:450~800Vdc
U6N:DC  power:740~1200Vdc

Power Output

Output Voltage


Output frequency

V/F control:0.00~300.00Hz
Vector control:0.00~120.00Hz

Overload ability

Run at 40℃,heavy load 150%,1min, light load 120%,1min

Efficiency (Full load)


Control Feature

Control mode

V/F control

Open loop vector control

Close loop

Starting Torque

2.50Hz  150%

0.5Hz  200%

0.00Hz  200%

Speed range




Steady speed precision

± 2%

± 0.2%

± 0.02%

Torque precision

±5%(Close loop control)

4/5000 Carrier frequency

2~4kHz;The carrier frequency can be automatically adjusted according to the load characteristics

frequency set Resolution

0.01Hz(Digital command)
±0.06Hz/120Hz(Analog command 11bit +unsigned)

Running command channel

Operation panel given, control terminal given, communication given

Frequency given channel

Operation panel given, digital/analog given, communication given, function given

Torque increase

Automatic torque lift, manual torque lift

V/F Curve

User - defined V/F curve, linear V/F curve and 3 kinds of reduced torque characteristic curves

Automatic voltage regulation

The duty cycle of output PWM signal is automatically adjusted according to the bus voltage fluctuation, so as to reduce the influence of the network voltage fluctuation on the output voltage fluctuation

Instantaneous power loss processing

Instantaneous power loss, through bus voltage control, uninterrupted operation

Dc braking capacity

Braking current:0.0~120.0% rated current


 Parameters copy

Standard operation panel can achieve parameters upload, download, there is a copy of progress instructions

Process PID

Can be used for closed-loop control of process quantities

Torque control function

Torque/speed control can be switched through the terminal, a variety of torque given way

Zero servo and position control function

Zero speed position locking, precise positioning and position control can be achieved

Motor Protection

Rotor blocked

Motor overload

Speed limit

Torque limit

Output current limit

Inverter onverload

IGBT I 2t protection

Input power undervoltage/overvoltage

Dc bus undervoltage/overvoltage

IGBT overheat

Cooling fan overheat

Power failure

Loss of analog input signal (loss of speed reference value)

Abnormal communication

Encoder connection failure

Self tuning fault

Environment and standard requirements

    Environmental conditions

Use place

Installed vertically in a well ventilated electric control cabinet; Horizontal or other installation method flat or other installation method is not allowed.
Installed in the direct sunlight, no dust, no corrosive gas, no flammable gas, no oil mist, no steam, no dripping environment. The cooling medium is air.

Operating environment requirement

-10℃(No freezing)-+40℃

Temperature drop using

>40℃,Every increase 1℃,rated output current reduce 2%, max 50℃

Storage temperature


Transportation temperature


Relative humidity

5~95%RH,No condensation, no corrosion, no dripping


Class 1C2(Chemical gas)Class 1S2(Solid particles)


Class 2C2(Chemical gas)Class 2S2(Solid particles)


Class 3C1/3C2*(Chemical gas)Class 3S2(Solid particles)
C=Chemically active substance,S=Mechanically active material,*Coated circuit board

The altitude


Height drop using

>1000m,Every increase 100m,rated output current reduce 1%(max 3000m)

Anti-shock performance


Protection grade



Cooling way

Forced air cooling

Installation way

Inside cabinet installation

Protective coating

Control panel, I/O panel, and other optional reinforced protective coating

Product standards

LV terms 73/23/EEC subject to amendment 93/68/EEC
Mechanical terms 98/37/EC
EMC terms 89/336/EEC subject to amendment93/68/EEC
Quality assurance system ISO 9001 and
Environment system ISO 14001

· Harmonic suppression occasion----Pumps, fans, compressors

· Energy feedback occasion----Crane, winch, transmission line, hoist, test bench, turbine and other complex transmission system


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