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AS600 Crane Drives

Power range
Input power 400V: 2.2KW - 355KW
Brake unit:
≤75W, power built-in braking unit, external braking resistance;
>75kW, the external braking unit shall be equipped with DC reactor;
≥30kW, with built-in DC reactor
Designed for the field of industrial cranes, such as quayside container bridge cranes, container gantry cranes, portal cranes, beam cranes, etc.
Adopting advanced vector control technology and torque control technology, combined with the application characteristics of the crane machinery industry, further strengthened the output characteristics, reliability and environmental adaptability of the product, which can better meet the various Application requirements.

· High starting torque and load capacity

· Support both synchronous and asynchronous motors

· Perfect, safe and reliable holding brake logic

· Fast, super and highly adaptive dynamic response

· Smooth and impact free speed tracking start

· Supporting PROFIBUS DP and Modbus Communication

· Perfect, safe and reliable protection function of motor drive

· Master-slave control function

· Weak magnetic constant power function

· Torque memory function

· With two sets of motor parameters and operating curve switching function

· Speed / torque static / dynamic switching function

· Non-stop function

Power input

Input voltage

380V~460V(-15%~+10%), Three phase power supply, voltage imbalance < 3%

Input frequency


Instantaneous electric drop

Input: AC 380V~460V, under voltage protection work after 15ms when the input voltage is less than AC300v

Power output


AC, 0V-input voltage

Output frequency

V/F Control: 0.00~300.00Hz, Vector control: 0.00~120.00Hz

Overload grade

Heavy load: 150%, 60S; Overload: 200%, 2S

Output frequency accuracy

±0.01% (Digital instruction-10~+45℃)
±0.1% (Analog instruction 25±10℃)

Digital I / O

Optocoupler isolation  input

7 channels, 24V high and low level can be set effectively, and input function can be defined

Open collector output

2 channels, output function can be defined

Relay output

2-channels, normally open, normally closed contact

Analog I / O

Analog input

2 channels, voltage: - 10V ~ + 10VDC or current: 0 ~ 20mA optional signal

Analog output

2channels, voltage: - 10V ~ + 10VDC or current: 0 ~ 20mA optional signal

Encoder input

PG power

5V, 12V, 300mA

PG signal

Set open, push-pull, differential, SIN / COS incremental, Endat absolute, resolver, orthogonal set open output, frequency division coefficient 2 / 4 / 8 / 16 / 32 / 64 / 128 can be set (optional)

Control characteristics

Control mode

V/F Control

Open loop vector control

Closed loop vector

Starting torque




Steady speed accuracy

± 2%

± 0.2%

± 0.02%

Torque accuracy

±5%(closed loop control)

Torque rise

Automatic torque rise, manual torque rise

V/F curve

User defined V / F curve, linear V / F curve and three kinds of torque reduction characteristic curve

Automatic voltage regulation

The duty cycle of output PWM signal is adjusted automatically according to the fluctuation of bus voltage

Instant stop processing

In case of instantaneous power failure, uninterrupted operation can be realized by bus voltage control

Energy consumption braking capacity

≤22KW, built-in braking unit, external braking resistance (optional)
> 22KW, external braking unit (optional)

DC braking capacity

Braking current: 0-120.0% of rated current

Process PID

Closed loop control of process variables

Torque control function

Torque / speed control can be switched through terminals, with multiple torque setting modes

Zero servo and position control function

It can realize zero speed position locking, precise positioning and position control

Common DC bus

The whole series can realize the common DC bus power supply of multiple drive

Environment condition

Place of use

It is installed in an environment free from direct sunlight, dust, corrosive gas, combustible gas, oil mist, steam and water dripping

Ambient temperature




Ambient humidity

5~95%,No condensation allowed

Vibration (installation)


Protection level

IP00, IP20


Cooling mode

Forced air cooling

· Port machinery: quayside container bridge crane, tire crane, portal crane, etc

· Standard lifting: bridge crane, gantry crane, electric hoist, etc

· Construction crane: construction tower crane, belt conveyor, winch,


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