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AS180 Fan & Pump Drives

AS180 is a frequency drive for fan and pump loads. Designed in Germany and made in China. AS180 has excellent V / F control performance and it can be used for various light-load application.

· Dedicated fan pump

· Constant-pressure water supply function

· Several pumps controlled by one frequency drive

AS 180



AS180 Fan & Pump Drives

Applicable Motor (kW)



120%, 60s

Output frequency

V / F control: 0.00-300.00Hz

Applicable Motor Type

Induction motor

control method

V / F control

High-performance V / F control

Starting torque

2.50Hz 120%

0.5Hz 120%

Speed range


1: 200

Steady speed precision

± 2%

± 0.5%

Built-in brake unit

30kW and below

Built-in DC reactor

30kW and above


Light load, overload 120% 1 minute
     Fan: exhaust blast pump: constant pressure water supply, water supply and drainage HVAC: heating, air-conditioner fans

Power input

Input Voltage

380-460V (-15% ~ + 10%), three-phase

Input Frequency


Allowable voltage fluctuation

Voltage unbalance <3%


Three-phase AC380-460V power supply, under voltage protection will work in 15ms if the input voltage is lower than AC300V

Power output


0 VAC ~ Input voltage

Overload Class

Stable working in the case of 40 ℃, heavy duty 150%, 1min

Efficiency (full load)


Output frequency accuracy

± 0.01% (digital command -10 ~ + 45 ℃) ; ± 0.1% (simulation instruction 25 ± 10 ℃)

Digital I / O

Opto-isolated input

7 channels, 24V high active low can be set, input function can be defined

Open collector

2 channels, Output functions can be defined

Relay output

2 channels, normally open contacts, contact capacity: inductive, 1.5A / 250VAC, output function defined
     2 channels, Normally open, normally closed contacts bis,Contact capacity: resistive,4.5A/250VAC or4.5A/30VDC;Sensibility: 0.4A / 250VAC or 0.4A / 30VDC;Output function can be defined

Analog I / O

Analog Input Voltage

2 channels, accuracy 0.1%; Voltage:-10V~ + 10VDCOr Current: 0-20mA optional signal

Analog voltage output

2 channels, accuracy 0.1%; Voltage:-10V~ + 10VDCOr Current: 0-20mA optional signal

Control characteristics

Carrier frequency

1.1-8 kHz; load characteristics, the carrier frequency can be automatically adjusted

Frequency setting resolution

0.01Hz (digital command),± 0.06Hz / 120Hz (11bit + unsigned analog instruction)

Run command channel

operation panel, control terminal, communication

frequency Setting channel

operation panel,  digital/analog input, communication, performance function setting

Torque boost

Automatic torque boost; Manual torque boost

V/F curve

 V/F Curve linear V/F And three curves of torque-derating can be defined

Automatic voltage regulation (AVR)

The output PWM  can be Automatically adjusted according to the fluctuation of the bus, thereby reducing the influence of voltage fluctuations of the output voltage ripple

non-stop operation

in case of instant power failure, uninterrupted operation can be guaranteed by controlling the bus voltage

DC braking capacity

Braking current:0.0~120.0% Of rated current

Special feature

Parameter copy

Parameter upload and download can be achieved via operating panel with the progress bar

Process PID

It can be used for closed-loop control of the process

Common DC bus

Full power range supports the common DC bus

Motor protection

Locked rotor

Motor overload

Speed limit

Frequency Drive protection

Output current limit

Inverter overload

IGBT I²t overload

Input Supply Undervoltage / Overvoltage

DC bus under-voltage / overvoltage

IGBT overheating

Radiator overheating

electricity failure

· Light load, overload 120% 1 minute

· Fan: exhaust blast pump: constant pressure water supply, water supply and drainage

· HVAC: heating, air-conditioner fans

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