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  • Servo Drive in Flat Knitting Machine

    Brief introductionComputerized flat knitting machine is used to knit woolen sweaters. It is the application of mechatronics in knitting machinery. Compared with ordinary flat knitting machines, computerized flat knitting machines have the advantages of high degree of automation, high production ef Read More

  • AC Drive in SUGAR MILL

    In the sugar industry, AC drives have been widely used in variable torque loads such as fans and pumps, and has achieved obvious energy saving effect. As the important production equipment of sugar factory Read More

  • ME800 MV Drives Mining Industry Solutions

    AbstractMainly introduces the application of ME800 MV Drives in mining industry. Introduces the load characteristics, process characteristics of the fan, and features of ME800 medium voltage Drives. Key words: Fan, MV Drives, Energy saving. Read More

  • ME800 MV Drives Steel Industry Solutions

    Abstract:Mainly introduces the transformation example for Tangshan, Hebei province Qian 'an Xinda iron & steel Co. LTD. Through the technical analysis and test verification of the transformation, it is shown that the energy saving effect is obvious after using the MV frequency drives system, and the Read More

  • The Application of AS510 Series AFE in the Energy Saving Transformation of Tire Crane

    The traditional tire crane is powered by diesel generator set. In the process of container lowering and cart, trolley braking, the motor is in the state of regenerative power generation. Read More

  • AS800 MV Drives Power Industry Application

    Shanghai Laogang Renewable Energy Utilization Center daily incineration of municipal solid waste 3,000 tons, installed advanced flue gas treatment system and power generation equipment. Read More

  • Application of Servo Motor & Drive to CNC Machinery-Metal Highlight Engraving Machine

    The machine is named according to the characteristics of its processed products. Its shape is similar to that of an engraving machine (or a precision engraving machine). Read More

  • ME800 MV Drives Cement Industry Solutions

    Cement industry is a big energy consumer therefore cement production enterprises must reduce energy consumption through various ways to obtain the best economic benefits and the highest labor productivity. Read More

  • SCARA Robot Applications

    3C products are computer, communication and consumer electronics. Communication mainly refers to mobile phones, while consumer electronics include digital cameras, televisions, electronic dictionaries, video players, etc. The 3C industry chain system is very large. Take mobile phones as an example, Read More


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